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Great Lakes Benefit Bracelet


Adjustable Paracord Triple Wrap Bracelet with Engraved Silver Hook

$1 from each bracelet sold goes directly to the Alliance for the Great Lakes to protect the world's largest freshwater resource and Hyde's home!

Hyde as an organization is still in its infancy, though we are not sure what the future will hold in terms of product offerings or profitability, we are sure of one thing, responsibility, activism, and charity will always be at the heart of our organization. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers, and our community. In the words of a Hyde hero Alexander Supertramp, "Happiness only real when shared"; the success of Hyde as an organization will never be measured simply by profits or sales figures but also by the positive impact we have on our local community and the global community that we operate in. In today's world of pollution and industrialization, it can seem that the best a company can do is break even with their environmental impact, leave it as we found it. We challenge this notion and hope to leave the world a better place than we inherited. Though we may seem too small to save the world, we believe we can change the world and the Great Lakes Benefit Bracelets are our first attempt at being the positive change we hope to see in the world. For each bracelet sold, we donate $1 straight to the Alliance for the Great Lakes to help preserve the midwest's greatest natural resource and our inspiration. 



The Alliance is the oldest Great Lakes organization devoted 100 percent to the lakes. Their professional staff works with scientists, policymakers, businesses, community groups and everyday citizens to protect and restore the world's largest surface freshwater resource. From forging forward-looking Great Lakes policies to promoting Great Lakes education to on-the-ground efforts to improve thousands of miles of Great Lakes shoreline, they've been out front and behind the scenes caring for the lakes since 1970.
Hyde is passionate about our lakes and hopes that these donations will help the Alliance for the Great Lakes continue to fulfill their mission for decades to come.